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Chris Zaremba - Fitness Consultant
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Pollyanna Hale - Health and Lifestyle coaches
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How Much Calories Can You Burn After A Workout?
By - Fitness & Personal Trainers

How Much Calories Can You Burn After A Workout?

I’ve seen guys with Doctorate Degrees in exercise science as well as huge fitness marketing companies push this ridiculous nonsensical after burn theory and the science clearly contradicts it. What is the after burn effect and what does science say about it? The existence of the after burn effect Let’s... Read more »

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Pete Evans’ Paleo Bone Broth

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The Truth About Belly Fat
By - Fitness & Personal Trainers

The Truth About Belly Fat

Visible abdominal muscles are seen as the ultimate sign of athleticism, discipline and aesthetics by both the public and fitness professionals alike. Messages like ‘Abs... Read more »

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20 Reasons to Attend Elevate
By - Health and Lifestyle coaches

20 Reasons to Attend Elevate

WatchFit is delighted to be partnering with Elevate, the UK’s first cross sector event bringing together some of the most significant organisations and individuals to... Read more »

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