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it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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10 superfoods you’ve been ignoring all along

Author: Lynn Freeston Bio Energetics Practitioner
2014 Sep. 30

Healthy super foods might conger up a picture of bags of flax seeds, boxes of Hemp powders or jars of pond algae, like Spirulina, all super foods that you add […]

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The butt lift workout that delivers

Author: Elsie Velazquez ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 30

I think every woman will agree with me when I say that we want to look as good exiting a room as we do entering it.  Over the years, without […]

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10 low glycemic carbs you can safely find comfort in this fall

Author: Jessica Faissal Licensed Dietitian and Health Coach
2014 Sep. 29

The low carbohydrate diet fad has most people believe that carbohydrates are the enemy and should be avoided, especially to lose weight. However, that there are different types of carbohydrates […]

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Fat shredding full body workout for women

Author: Shiggi Pakter Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 29

Be more efficient! Time…it can feel like we don’t have enough of it on any given day. So trying to squeeze in workouts on a time-short schedule may seem daunting […]

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