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10 benefits of healthy eating that are totally overlooked

Author: Lynn Freeston Licensed Practitioner in Bio Energeti...
2014 Jul. 30

Healthy eating is mostly associated with wanting to lose weight or to prevent disease. Following a Healthy Eating routine can help you become happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and sexier, but […]

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The ’10 years younger’ raw food cleanse

Author: Helena Philippou Personal Trainer
2014 Jul. 29

When you think of the word ‘Raw’ perhaps the image that springs to mind is uncooked meat. But it can equally be applied to perhaps the more appetising notion of […]

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Join the fast track to healthy with a 1800 calorie diet

Author: Denise Grixti Personal Trainer | Wellness Coach
2014 Jul. 29

For those people, looking to keep their calorie intake below the 2000kcal mark, this plan provides a good guideline to follow and how to divide your calories throughout the entire […]

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Oil pulling and its surprising health benefits

Author: Dean Griffiths Executive Wellbeing Consultant
2014 Jul. 29

Oil pulling is a powerful detoxifying technique that has recently become very popular as a remedy for many different health ailments. Oil pulling is considered preventative as well as curative. […]

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