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it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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Fitness model Rebecca Hahn on losing baby weight

Author: Guy Holland
2014 Nov. 23

Staying in great shape is never easy after having one child. Some women are able to bounce back and get their old body back, whilst others struggle, but imagine having […]

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Fitness expert Caroline Pearce shares her experience

Author: Caroline Pearce International Heptathlete I TV Presen...
2014 Nov. 23

Ultra-FIT contributor Caroline Pearce is a former International athlete who represented Great Britain at the European Cup athletics Championships in 2004 and at the World Bobsleigh Championships in 2005. She […]

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Lose baby weight fast with these unexpected tips

Author: Dr Vilma Brunhuber Medical Doctor I Certified Holistic I...
2014 Nov. 23

Worried that you not be able to return to your exact pre-pregnancy weight or shape? A woman gains weight when pregnant. It is totally normal to think about the ways […]

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Versatile ViPR exercises to get you moving!

Author: John Shepherd Fitness Trainer and Journalist
2014 Nov. 23

Rattle shake… lift, throw, swing, tilt and step ViPR is a great new piece of kit that enables freedom of movement – or to coin the current fitness/training buzz word […]

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These are the 10 best foods to boost fertility

Author: Elizabeth Cooper Registered Nutritional Therapist
2014 Nov. 23

Evidence shows that eating nutritious food and avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of infertility by up to 80%, and is vital for healthy conception, pregnancy and your […]

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