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BE WARNED...the game is very addictive,
it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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All you need to know about Quad Building

Author: Matt Weik Certified Strength and Conditioning S...
2014 Dec. 19

This one will teach you everything you meed to know about building great quads. You will be able to take the knowledge you gain here, register an A Grade and […]

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3 uncomplicated arm workouts for women

Author: Chris Cooper NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Dec. 18

“Suns out, Guns out” & “Curls for the Girls.” Quotes that are all about training your arms, specifically biceps and triceps. And who doesn’t want strong, better looking arms? Be […]

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Gluten Free Mince Pies (for vegans too)

Author: William Girling Personal Trainer, Performance Nutriti...
2014 Dec. 18

With it being Christmas time there is a whole load more other treats hitting the shops with you being tempted round every corner!! Sadness swells up inside you as you […]

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Best healthy foods to eat when cravings hit

Author: Dr Vilma Brunhuber Medical Doctor I Certified Holistic I...
2014 Dec. 18

Cravings are our body’s way to communicate and tell us that something is out of balance in our body. For instance, when you eat salty food, you are most likely […]

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Joey Bull explains the best 7 ways to fight fat

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2014 Dec. 18

Imagine yourself with a flat tummy, not just flat but ‘fitness cover model flat’ – abs in proud evidence, tight and toned with a neat line shaping into your hips. Now think of […]

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