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...with a GAME twist!!
BE WARNED...the game is very addictive,
it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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Learn to bounce back after a set back

Author: Midgie Thompson Mental Performance and Lifestyle Coac...
2014 Nov. 26

Have you ever experienced a situation when things were not going as you wanted or you got distracted and it was a while before you got back on track? What […]

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Absolutely great abs with these 10 tips

Author: Guy Holland
2014 Nov. 26

Everybody wants to know what the secret is to getting great looking abs. Well, let me tell you that there is no secret – you need to train hard and […]

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Secrets to a speedy duathlon with this training plan

Author: Ultra Fit Magazine Ultra-FIT has been the leading fitnes...
2014 Nov. 26

Duathlon is the perfect introduction to multi-sport, so why don’t you try the run-bike-run challenge this autumn? Follow our six-week plan. “With a run-bike-run format, don’t think that a duathlon […]

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