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Great cardio workouts to get you healthy and sexy!

Author: Sarah Walentynowicz Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Jul. 24

With summer now in full swing, who doesn’t want to be swimsuit ready and feel confident at the beach or pool? These quick cardio workouts are designed to do just […]

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12 essential nutrition tips any woman should know

Author: Dean Griffiths Executive Wellbeing Consultant
2014 Jul. 23

With a plethora of nutrition advice available to women, sometimes the little things can be missed, which can complement a diet that is rich in fruit, vegetables, good fats and […]

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The beach-ready healthy eating grocery list tips

Author: Denise Grixti Personal Trainer | Wellness Coach
2014 Jul. 22

Summer time is hitting its peak with the temperature rising and a getaway holiday may be looming closer as well as that new bikini you’re dying to look fabulous in. […]

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