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Rebecca Romero’s Ironman Challenge

Author: Rebecca Romero World Champion and Olympic Games Gold...
2014 Sep. 02

Rebecca Romero’s achievements in sport are unique.  She became a World Champion rower and double World Champion cyclist. She won an Olympic rowing silver medal in Athens and just four […]

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Here’s how to make your perfect gluten free tomato sauce

Author: Jessica Kenney Nutrition Consultant I Certified Well...
2014 Sep. 01

Tomato sauce… Yum! There is nothing better than a good tomato sauce to complement a whole host of dishes. The versatility of tomato sauce makes it perfect for pairing with […]

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Healthy pumpkin desserts not to miss out on this fall

Author: Lynn Freeston Licensed Practitioner in Bio Energeti...
2014 Sep. 01

Most people only think about the pumpkin at Halloween as something to carve out in creating the traditional lanterns.  Although the fresh grown pumpkin can only be found in the […]

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Ballet barre exercises for the buttocks by Joey Bull

Author: Joey Bull UK Fitness Champion I Leading Fitness...
2014 Sep. 01

Ballet is renown for posture, strength, fluidity, flexibility and grace. But most of us will notice the beautiful tone and shape in the muscles and limbs of a dancer. Their […]

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Quick & zesty vegan lunch ideas

Author: Kayla King Registered Dietitian, Certified Healt...
2014 Aug. 31

Whether your reason for eating vegan is for religious reasons or personal preference, planning vegan meals can be fun if you add a little creativity. A tasty meal can go […]

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3 crunchilicious shrimp salad recipes that support weight loss

Author: Anne Anyia Registered Nutritional Therapist
2014 Aug. 31

Shrimps are an exceptional nutritious food especially if they are wild shrimps harvested from clean cold water sources. They are good sources of protein, vitamin B12, healthy fat (including omega-3), […]

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