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Balanced 1500V
28 days Workout: Level 3/5

Balanced 1500V

by WatchFit Team
Muscle MAXX
28 days Workout: Level 3/5

Muscle MAXX

by WatchFit Team
Fat Shred 1200
28 days Workout: Level 3/5

Fat Shred 1200

by WatchFit Team

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Noureen Razzaq - Qualified Clinical Nutritionist
Summer Groth - Kinesiologist, Sports Performance and Wellness Coaching
Bill Wilson, BA, CPT, C.S.C.S. - Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
Guy Holland - Health and Lifestyle coaches
Bonnie Giller - Registered Certified Dietitian Nutritionist I Eating Counsellor
Joanna Fraska - Personal Trainer
Parisa Louie - Founder and CEO of WatchFit
Richard Csosza - Personal Trainer
Adrienne Marks - Health and Wellness Facilitator
Susanne Winchester - Certified Personal Trainer
Anne Anyia - Registered Nutritional Therapist
David Alfonsi - Personal Trainer
Carla E. Larson - Certified Athletic Trainer and Therapist
Angela Ripolo - Fitness & Personal Trainers
Molly McNamee - Fitness & Personal Trainers
Sandro Torres - Health and Lifestyle coaches
Terry Linde - Personal Trainer
*in order of latest publisher experts
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