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...with a GAME twist!!
BE WARNED...the game is very addictive,
it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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Are happiness and weight loss related? How? Why?

Author: Marcus Morris Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 21

Before we begin I want you to imagine a scenario. You are at the New Year party and what resolution are the majority of people making this year? Weight loss! […]

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12 addictive foods to avoid if your goal is weight loss.

Author: Lynn Freeston Bio Energetics Practitioner
2014 Sep. 20

Health concerned individuals know about food and nutrition choices if your goal is weight loss. Many healthy foods contain addictive ingredients to make your choices taste just right and leave […]

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A swiss ball workout for an effective full body sculpt

Author: Topher Brazie Personal Trainer I Fitness Nutrition ...
2014 Sep. 20

There are no excuses not to perform this Swiss ball workout. All you need for this effective full body sculpt is a Swiss ball, small workout area, and approximately 30 […]

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The best vitamins to boost metabolism this season

Author: Craig Suckling Certified Personal Trainer
2014 Sep. 19

In today’s society, everybody, for one reason or another wants to boost their metabolism. Even if people do not entirely understand what metabolism is, the results are desirable: – More […]

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