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Caitlin Samson - Clinical Nutritionist I Exercise Physiologist
Joanna Fraska - Personal Trainer
Guy Holland -
Anne Anyia - Registered Nutritional Therapist
Beth Cline - Movement Coach
Genevieve Rene - Personal Trainer
Sinead Smyth - Qualified Clinical Nutritionist
Tammie Zainc - Cardiovascular Specialist I Entrepreneur
Charlotte Debeugny - Registered Nutritionist
Carla E. Larson - Certified Athletic Trainer and Therapist
Dr Vilma Brunhuber - Medical Doctor I Certified Holistic Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach
Leslie Olsen - PT | Health Coach | Massage Therapist
Summer Groth - Kinesiologist, Sports Performance and Wellness Coaching
Yumna Sadiq - Clinical Nutritionist
Nicola Kelleher - Nutritional Therapist
Peter Weintraub - NASM Certified Personal Trainer
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