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...with a GAME twist!!
BE WARNED...the game is very addictive,
it’s social and you will LOSE….FAT!

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How to lose weight without dieting

Author: Francesca Alvergue Vegan Nutritionist | Dietician Coach
2014 Dec. 22

Many current and rigid food plans can be considered “prison” because the fact is that every time we get out of the cage to eat something that is not part […]

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7 days total body workout for women

Author: Aubry Bright Personal Trainer
2014 Dec. 22

The most important part of a total body workout is to work the large muscle groups as well as the small. The more muscles involved the better! Involving multiple muscle […]

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3 creative cardiovascular workouts for a major energy boost

Author: Louise Valentine Certified Exercise Physiologist I St...
2014 Dec. 21

So you’re looking to add cardiovascular workouts to your already jam-packed, busy schedule. If you’re like the rest of the world, you may feel overcommitted to important tasks like caring […]

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Break into running with this beginner 5k training plan

Author: Tammie Zainc Cardiovascular Specialist and Entrepr...
2014 Dec. 21

Congrats and kudos to you for wanting to increase your fitness level and break into running with a beginner 5k training plan. Whether you never ran before or want to […]

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